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As part of the way we do business, we are constantly looking for fresh talent to improve and expand our development teams. If you think that you have got what it takes, give us a shout!

SoHo Rochester 2008

The SoHo Rochester 2008 show was a huge success. We really enjoyed meeting everyone and learning about what you do. It is amazing how diverse the small businesses are here in Rochester. Plus it was a great opportunity to see old friends and coworkers stop by. We hope you stopped by our booth, but if not you can 'visit vicariously' through some of our photos. We all had fun and some very tasty Bar-B-Que. Yum! Maybe we can see you there next year.

aycan Medical Systems, LLC.

aycan is a medical I.T. software company based out of Germany. They are leaders in the industry with their dicom paper print solutions. They are also gaining the the workstation market with their new aycan OsiriX Pro workstation.

With all of their I.T. staff based in Germany, aycan was in the market for a competitively priced outsourcing vendor to recommend and implement solutions for their internal processes. BCConsulting was able to deliver a low cost solution that could grow with them. The complete solution included a server package running Linux, a VPN concentrator solution, and an advanced VoIP phone system package.

The National Sweepstakes Company

The National Sweepstakes Company is a sweepstakes management and rebate fulfillment company based in Rochester, NY. In an effort to reduce phone inquiries on rebates, National Sweepstakes wanted a way to give customers the ability to lookup their rebates online. The solution was a complete tracking system which afforded internal automation of rebate processing while giving the public a secure public portal to check for the latest status information. Now users can quickly lookup information online without the need to pickup a phone, saving money all around.

How Ad-Hoc are your Business Critical systems?

Whether it be rapid growth, lack of specialist knowledge, or a tiny budget, the duct tape, bandages, and string holding your systems together won't hold forever. And most likely it will fail five minutes before that next big project needs to be delivered.

Often times space constraints are 'patched' by the introduction of cheap Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. These are both inefficient and dangerous. These devices are poorly secured and can allow easy access to confidential files. They additionally are rarely backed-up if ever leaving their contents vulnerable to fire, theft or other disasters.

It is critical to plan expansion, even when time is tight. A planned expansion can mean the difference between a few hundred dollars spent versus a few thousand lost in catastrophe clean up. Efficient expansion does not need to be a contradiction in terms.


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